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Ristorante Ciacco has a history that dates back 50 years. The area hosting the restaurant rooms was the basement of a 17th-century cellar: here, the barrels which contained wines coming from the hills were stored and sold around the city afterwards.

We are Salvatore and Stefano: "We love restaurants".

Bologna is the center of the culinary culture, eating well in Bologna should be a given!

Where to eat fish in Bologna? That was the first question we asked ourselves back in 2004, when we started this new experience. Among the restaurants in Bologna, Ciacco positions itself both as a seafood and a typical Bolognese cuisine restaurant!

…in the historic center of the city, near the old Jewish ghetto’s charming alleys, the Two Towers, and Piazza Grande, as Lucio Dalla called it. It is exactly near these places, here in Bologna, that we opened our restaurant!

Tradition and creativity, territory and new trends combine themselves to create dishes that respect the seasonality of the products we use.

Menu and Wine Cellar


Stefano Bussaglia

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I was born in Luzern, Switzerland in 1963.

I graduated in 1982 as a hotel technician at the hotel school Santa Maria in Pesaro.

In 1984 I left for an experience on cruise ships heading to the Caribbean. After a few years’ stay in the US, I came back to Italy and I opened an ice cream bar in Marotta that was my first experience as a manager, which I shared with my brother Daniele.

In 1994 I moved up to Bologna and started to work in Bologna’s best restaurants; in 1999 I landed at “Battibecco”, employed by chef patron Nico. Battibecco got its Michelin star in 2000.

Bologna is the city I fell in love right from the start, thanks to my wife Morena, who loves her birthplace.

I’m a professional sommelier from 2000, but I have always been a wine drinker; it’s a passion I inherited from my grandfather, who was a winemaker for pleasure and dispenser of wisdom: “wine it’s made from grapes and lots of love, nothing else” - he used to say.

Music was always a companion during my life: between Beatles or Rolling Stones I choose The Who; between Battisti or Baglioni - De Andrè; but I think that Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix have always been my life soundtrack.

I’m not an easy person, but I’m simple. I love my work and I’ll do it as long as I like it… and then I’ll stop.

Stefano Bussaglia


Riccardo Cattalani

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I was born in Corinaldo in 1978 and I graduated from Istituto “Panzini” in Senigallia as a restaurant service technician in 1997.

My career started as a chef apprentice in restaurants along the coast of Marche.

In 1999 I became part of the staff led by Luca Verdolini in Park Hotel Laurin in Bolzano and, after a year of experience with a different cuisine, I went back to work with fish in chef Vincenzo Cammerucci’s kitchen in Cesenatico’s Lido Restaurant, which happily acquired a Michelin star during my staying.

In 2002, I have been in charge of Godot’s kitchen in Via Cartolerie in Bologna, probably Italy’s first wine bar, a place of cuisine and wines.

In 2010 I have led “Bottega di Franco” kitchen brigade in Bologna, using my passion and knowledge of alternative cooking.

After another experience as Sole’s chef patron in Trebbo di Reno lasting a few years, I am now the chef at Ciacco’s from 2015, where I experiment unusual pairings and cooking with fish.

What do I think about traditional Bolognese cuisine? Tradition is tradition.

Riccardo Cattalani


Salvatore Lombardo

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I was born in Bologna in 1976, and I have always lived in the restaurant’s world.

I attended the Hospitality school in Castel San Pietro Terme, which I consider as my first step towards independency and a chance to travel and amuse myself while working.

My first working experiences were in hotel restaurants along the Romagna coast, which made me grow a continuous desire to develop my skills in the restaurants’ world and my need to travel.

After my graduation in 1996, I left for England, where I worked for a year in “Tuo e mio” restaurant in Canterbury.

Then I took off for Melbourne, Australia, and afterwards for the beautiful island of Zante in Greece. Those travels were tied to working experiences which satisfied my desire of comparing myself with different cultures.

I came back to Bologna, and despite all my travels it was like I had never left my city.

The experiences I made in Bologna’s restaurants are those that gave me the most chances to grow up professionally, starting from “Da Danilo e Patrizia”, then “Bitone” and “Battibecco” where I met up with Stefano, whose collaboration and friendship gave birth to our adventure with Ciacco.

Ristorante Ciacco has become part of my passions and sacrifices since 2004, the beginning of a new life which I share with my family: my wife Veronica and my sons Alberto and Tommaso. They support me and endure this fantastic adventure.

Salvatore Lombardo

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